Baker Elks Lodge #338
Lodge History
 Taken from Lodge minutes, June22, 1896 thru ...........

June 22, 1896, Baker City Lodge #338 was Instituted. (Pendleton Lodge #288 was our Sponsor) There were 44 Charter Members.

The First Lodge Officers: William Smith, Exalter Ruler; George B. Small, Esteemed Leading Knight; Sol Tienner, Esteemed Loyal Knight; O.M. Dodson, Esteemed Lecturing Knight; Edward Burke, Secretary; J.T. Donnelly, Treasurer; C.W. Faull, J.H. Parker and W.E. Grace, Trustees; Don M. Boynton, Tiler; C.W. Faull, Inner Guard; W.E. Grace, Chaplin; Phil V. Nebergall, Esquire.

June 27, 1896, The first regular meeting held after the Institution of the New Lodge, was held in the K.P. Hall (Located SW corner of First and Washington Streets.

July 11, 1896, At the regular meeting, dates and time were set at the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each Month, with meeting starting at 8:00 p.m. Sharp.

Shortly therafter meetings were moved to a building owned by H. Bamberger, on the East side of Main St.

Later the meeting place was moved to the Hadkell Building located on the East side of Main St., where the Lodge continues to hold meetings until the Baker City Elks Lodge building was built.

June 22m 1897, Baker City Lodge is one year old, receipts of the session were !15.00.

Sept. 25, 1900, Membership voted to form a Social Club.

Oct. 17, 1902, Membership voted to start negotiations to purchase land for the construction of a building to house the Baker City Lodge.

Jan. 09, 1903, Ground was purchased in the central part of town (Location of the present Elks Lodge).

Dec, 14, 1905, Dedication was held of the most complete and modern Elks Lodge Building in the west, an honor to Baker City. Costs; Land $1,425.00, Building $31,401.16, Furniture and fixtures $5,174.99, Interest on loan $2,220.00, Taxes and Interest $903.50; Total cost $41,124.65.

March 05, 1912, A communication was received from State Game Warden, Mr. Finley, requesting the Lodge donate the the fund which is subscribed for the feeding and caring of a herd of Elk that the Government is sending to Wallowa County. A donation of $50. was made.

July 10, 1912, Baker City Lodge #338 was rechartered as Baker Lodge #338. (This was the result of the town name change from Baker City to Baker in 1910. The City form of Government was changed from the Council to the Commission, thereby elimination the word “City”, making the official name ans “Baker City”).

April 06, 1920, The secretary reported to the members, that the membership as of April 1, 1919, was 490 Members. During the Lodge year April 1, 1919 to March 31, 1920, 285 gentlemen had made application to become a Member, of this number 149 were permitted to ride the goat, get shaved, travel through the tunnel, were branded and turned on the range. One quietly affiliated, two old bulls who had fallen by the wayside, knocked at the door and again entered the Lodge for reinstatement. Four, for reasons unknown, had their applications withdrawn, and two were considered not worthy to become an Elk, and were rejected. This brought our membership to 642, where it would have remained had not five became tired of the range in this vicinity and dimitted to other Lodges. Seven wandered into the great divide, to the place from which no man returnith. This leaving us with 630 members as of April 1, 1920. And during this time your secretary has handled $14,056.67 more or less carelessly.